Whale Watching

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Best Whale Watching Times

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Winter Whales – Southbound

Peak Winter Whale Watching Week – Dec 26-31, 2012

About 18,000 gray whales will migrate south during the 4 week period from mid-December to mid-January. During the winter migration, the main body of whales is further off shore, about 5 miles, but some will pass as close as 1-2 miles off shore. While migrating south, whales will seldom stop to eat as they swim steadily towards Baja, Mexico.

Spring Whales – Northbound

Peak Spring Whale Watching Week –
 March 23 – 30,  2013

During the Spring, another mass migration of approximately 18,000 whales will travel up the Oregon coast during from March through June on their way to Alaska’s Bering Sea. Juveniles lead the way, followed by adults. Mothers and baby whales travel slower and are the last to make their way up the coast.

Most of the whale come much closer to shore during the Spring migration to feast on the abundant food supply along Oregon’s Coast. From April to May you might even see mothers and calves relaxing in protected coves close to shore.

Summer Whales

A fair number of gray whales won’t migrate all the way back to Alaska to feed.  About 200-400 gray whales will remain along Oregon’s coast during the summer. Feeding whales can frequently be spotted along the central coast from July through October, often feeding very close to shore.

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Best Viewing Locations

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If you’ve been lucky enough to grab a vacation rental with a prime viewing location along the Oregon Coast, then just sit back, relax and watch the whales glide by. The Hacienda Beach House and Casa Del Sol sit on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Both vacation rentals have unobstructed views up and down the coast, with prime whale watching views from the master bedroom balconies and the backyard. If you didn’t manage to score one of Oregon’s premier oceanfront vacation rentals, you can check the Whale Watching Center for public viewing locations.

Hacienda Beach House Master Bedroom View. Perfect for whale watching!

Casa Del Sol Master Bedroom Whale Watching Perch with telescope.









View From Yard

View From Yard

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Whale Watching Spoken Here

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