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Everybody has to eat, and you’ll get good and hungry while vacationing in Gold Beach on Oregon’s stunning Pacific Coast. There are more places to eat in Gold Beach than you might imagine for a town of its size. No matter what you’re graving, you’ll find it in Gold Beach, especially seafood. Renown for its local Chinook salmon, Halibut and Dungeness Crab, you can find these scrumptious treats along with juicy steaks and burgers, apple-roasted chicken, and many other fine entrees at many restaurants, takeouts, bakeries and grocers in and around Gold Beach.

Whether you looking for casual eating establishments or a more formal dining experience, Gold Beach has it all, from family-style restaurants and neighborhood taverns to romantic dining rooms with ocean and river views. And if you’re just looking to pickup some picnic ingredients to tote along on your hike or fishing excursion; you’ll find that too.

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Sunset Family Pizza

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Great pizza?  The place is huge, very bright and decorated with paintings by local artists. Located in downtown Gold Beach. Serving lunch and dinner 7 days a week, from 11:00am to 8:00pm Sunday through Thursday and closing at 10pm. Friday and Saturday. Specialties, pizza, sandwiches, salads and more. Family game room makes this a great place for teens and families.

29790 Ellensburg Ave. (Hwy 101)
Gold Beach
(541) 247-7208

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The Bridge Restuarant and Bar

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Dinner,full bar and Gourmet Coastal Cuisine. We focus on organics. Lottery, Video Poker & Card Room. Across from Jot’s Resort Open 4:00

94321 Wedderburn Loop
Gold Beach

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The Cape Cafe

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The Cape Cafe is open for Dinners 7 days a week 4:30 to 9:30PM Fresh, Steaks & Seafood, local fare, Plus vegetarian menu…. Organic – Healthy

29251 Ellensburg Ave. (Hwy 101)
Gold Beach

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Wedderburn Store

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Bakeries, Beer, Wine & Spirits. Hot deli, sandwiches, hamburgers, chicken, ribs, smoked turkey legs, desserts. Fresh baked bread and homemade pies are their specialty

94219 N Bank Rogue
Wedderburn, OR 97491
(541) 247-7604

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