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Gold Beach is the place for  World Class fishing all year long!

Anyone can drop a line on a warm summer day,the real anglers come out in the wintertime, especially for steelhead – one of the sport’s great challenges.

The locals prefer angling for Steelhead  from December through March, because Gold Beach usually has more sunny days and milder weather than many other areas along the Oregon Coast.  Steelhead fishing hits it’s prime in February, with five great rivers fish within a five-minute to one-hour drive from the town center.

Steelhead are Sea-Run Rainbow Trout get as large as 20 pounds, thought the average is typically in the 4 to 8 pound range. How you fish depends upon, the weather, river conditions, and your preferences.   Cast from the shore, travel in covered, heated powerboat, or relax in an open drift boat. You can find guides, boats, licenses tackle, and anything else you might need right in Gold Beach.

Do you prefer Ocean fishing?  Gold Beach presents some of the best ocean bottom fishing available on the Oregon Coast. Just a quick boat ride off the shoreline, at a depth of 40 to 125, you can haul in some great catches of great tasting seafood. If you plan on charting a vessel, especially in the winter, it’s best to call ahead . Ocean charters can usually be arranged for parties of two or more.

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Fishing Guides:

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– Chris Young Guide Service

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Chris Young Guide Service
P.O. Box 247
Wedderburn, OR 97491

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– David Anderson's Guide Service

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David Anderson’s Guide Service
541-247-0420 or 541-698-7081 (cell)

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– Tyson Crumley's Guide Service

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Tyson Crumley’s Guide Service

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– Denny Hughson's Rogue River Guide Service

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Denny Hughson’s Rogue River Guide Service
Box 1078
Gold Beach, OR 97444
Cell: (541) 698-7395

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